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With the rumor of the change to the exchange that will both put "caps" on how much "common", "uncommon", "rare", and "very rare" items can be sold for and the addition that we may no longer be able to buy items on the exchange that we ourselves put up for sale. ( which is no secret way that many use as a way to transfer credits from one character to the other on the same account. )

I again am posting this idea to create a service that the Ferengi can provide.

At all space stations (and Q'onos)or maybe just Drozana Station, have the Ferengi setup a booth that you can go up to. These booths would be the "The Ferengi Parcel Service".

The way this would work is that you would go to the Ferengi merchant and pay him GPL to send a amount of EC's to another one of your characters. The amount of GPL depends on the amount of EC's being sent and if the recipient is on another faction.

So for example you want to send 1,000,000EC's from a FED character to another one of your FED characters then you would only have to pay a reasonable amount of GPL. But if you were trying to send 1,000,000EC's from a FED to one of your KDF (or future IRF) toons then there would be a "Hazard Fee" since they would have to cross enemy lines ( and the fee would be small but laughable since it plays into the Ferengi's nature ).

This was mostly a post for the Dev's with just some suggestions on some ideas that I have refined from other posts I have made

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