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So there I was, a Klingon Raptor captain, staring at a bunch of Duty Officer offensive missions, and I was short on EC and had no provisions to feed the troops I would be sending to kill the Federation's finest. I did some looking around Qo'nos and Ganalda Station for supplies, but to no avail.

It was starting to look desperate, but then I struck on the idea: let's go hit one of those freighters in the Regulus sector. They will have food. So I flew into enemy territory, and struck out at the first freighter I happened upon. And do you know what happened? He wanted to trade with me! Now this sort of behavior I'd expect from a Ferenghi, but a Federation captain?

I was feeling a bit confused, so I handed him the last of my credits, bought the provisions and slunk back to the Pi Canis Block to get my warriors into the action, and redeem some last vestiges of my honor. The battles had already ended by the time we got there. These are my last words. My crew has mutinied, and they are pounding at my door. At least I'll die with a knife in my hand.

All story telling aside, it was weird playing a Klingon captain buying supplies off a Fed, and the easy answer is to put a commodity vendor or freighters somewhere in Klingon space. But I have another thought, something that might be a bit fun, although I don't know how feasible it would be to pull off: put in the ability for Klingons to attack Federation freighters. Have it be a quick battle to disable the freighter, and then loot the freighter for say 1000 EC worth of supply (Provisions, medical supplies) and then have the freighter despawn.

And to make the idea really ambitious, you could use this as a PvP battleground kind of like the Borg Invasion, where everyone is leveled up, and Klingons and Feds get sucked into fighting over a single freighter. Kind of like the Battle of Gettysburg (the Confederates were looking for shoes.)

Probably not going to happen, but hopefully people at least like the idea.

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