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Posted this in another thread but it was washed away by a dilithium crisis discussion.

Originally Posted by Salami_Inferno
Currently, T5 consoles are restricted to the specific ship they came from. This was done so there would be parity for all ships with a power throughout the game. This also allows the player to utilize this extra console slot for something besides the power if they choose.

To clarify:
Is the console enabeling the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort to split apart a T5 console in this regard?
Can it no longer be installed on the Read Admiral Advanced Escort (for the maybe more desirable BOFF slots depending on playstyle)?
Or is this still possible? If not, will it be possible (again), hence the "currently"?

What happens to the console item if it is installed on the RA ship when F2P is patched in on Holodeck? (Possibly bugging into oblivion then?)

All this asked in case the MVAE was bought with emblems and not unlocked in the C-Store.
As it is no account unlock a possible bug (loosing the console item as in the scenario above e.g.) does not leave the option of dismissing the ship and claiming it again.
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10-18-2011, 03:30 AM
This is still possible and I currently use the Advanced Escort with the MVAM Console.
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10-18-2011, 09:35 AM
Which of course makes me ask why take them off the ships and make them consoles anyway? It wasn't confusing having the ship with a built in ability. If we can't use it on any other ship...makes no sense to have it a console.

To me THAT is confusing. If I am a new player and I see the console I am going to assume it's like the others that can be moved around.

Some of these new changes make me go "hmm".
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# 4 there spupsoed to.
10-18-2011, 01:32 PM
Okay let me put it in this tis way.

Example: Nebula
2 tactical consoles/3 engy consoles/4 science consoles
(if you use the ships power consoles youve have to give up one console slot)

Now lets says I dont oyuse the tacyon grid I gian +1 console which would more then likey be +7 to weapon power.

In this you can see I give up something in order to use the speacial power or I can freely chose to use something esle in stead. Its odd, but for some ships, it now gives them flexability to do whatever. Or would you rather lose +1 console all together and have that abilitiey with its (x) CD to use on it?

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