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I seem to recall last week's patch that was supposed to add test c-store points had problems. When Tribble did finally come back up after the subsequent downtime, I still had the same amount of test c-store points as earlier in the week: 180.

I still have just the 180. I'd love to try a couple things, but if you only get points if you haven't spent any, and 1200 seems to be the amount granted, how are we ever supposed to afford something priced at 1600?

Really I just feel like actually spending my points in the first round (which was mainly to get a Commander Excelsior because Commander ship prices were broken at the time) was punished rather than rewarded. I've been slamming the DOFF system and doing content on multiple characters, yet I'm stuck with that pitiful 180. I definitely NOT buying real c-store points just to get fake ones when we were told there would be occasional bumps.

If the problem was that some people with lots of points were getting theirs simply overwritten with a new default 1200 (I would have been happy to have 1200 as opposed to 180), then fix the way you're granting the points. Will further point grants be additions or overwrites?

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