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# 1 Carrier Changes
10-18-2011, 08:04 PM
Now that Character copy to Tribble has been enabled, I was able to copy my LG KDF character to Tribble. He is a Tac Klingon who normally uses the Kar'Fi as his main ship. I was looking forward to trying out all the changes made to carriers in general and the Kar'Fi. He also has a Marauder.

I was able to equip the Marauder's boarding party console on the Kar'fi. Also, in my inventory, i found the new Phase Shift console the Kar'fi now comes with and equiped that as well. I also still had my Isometric Charge console from Holodeck.

I equipped one launch bay with the To'duj basic fighters and the other launch bay I switched between the Frigates and the skul (or whatever they are called) fighters.

The deployables all worked wonderfully. I did have to use the new deployable commands in order to get them to do what they wanted, but all of the commands worked just fine as far as I could tell. I had Attack, recall, escort, intercept.

In Solo play, I used primarily Attack to direct the deployables to attack what I wanted and Recall to get them to follow me.

One observation is that unlike the Federation Saucer sep and MVAM, the deployables did not go to full impulse when I did. This caused me to leave them behind and have to relaunch them when I reached my new target. Atleast let the Frigates and I assume BOPs go to full impulse since it takes so long to launch two of them. I was able to launch a new wave of fighers every 22 sec so relaunching them was not a big issue.

The boarding party console worked very well. I was surprised it had a 35 sec recharge in stead of the console standered 3 minutes. That was a welcome surprise. I was also surprised that unlike the other tier 5 consoles, this one allowed it to be placed on any Carrier or Flight-deck crusier. I was under the impression that all tier 5 console would be restricted to a single ship. I am glad the boarding party is a console. I was worried it was a deployable and thus would use a launch bay. Now I can used those and still have two types of deployables on the Kar'fi. (console can be used on vo'quv)

I did do a Borg encounter. In that battle the Kar'fi again performed very well. I switched to the Frigates for more firepower. It was also in this that I was using the boarding party console a lot. I also used the intercept command so that my deployables would go after those v'ger plasma balls. This sorta worked. Unless I also targeted the plasma balls I still got destroyed, but I imagine that against standard plasma torpedos or mines or other fighters, the deployables would have done fine.

All in all, I am real pleased with all of the changes. Pretty much all of my carrier wish list is now being fullfilled.

1. more deployables for Kar'fi
2. fighter option that does not commit suicide (To'duj fighters fill this wish)
3. more variety in deployables
4. new carriers ( the soon to be tested new orion tier 3 and 4 ships)
5. Deployable control

the only thing left is a Klingon skin for the Kar'fi, but I will take what we are getting and live with the ship from Grethor. The Kar'fi now feels like a full fledge carrier. I look forward to this getting to Holodeck when F2P is released.


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