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10-18-2011, 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by Synaptic_Firefly
Screaming bloody murder over an STF on Tribble? Seriously? This is why it's on Tribble. It's a freaking testing server.

Now, it's productive to give criticism over it, like balance issues or bugs. That's why you're on the testing server to test it, but if others like AnimaNero have utilized other solutions to pass Infected, then it's not 'unwinnable', you're just doing it wrong and crying for a quick win when that's the opposite of what STF's are for.
Yes, its a test, but its people like YOU that are the problem not people offering feedback. Cryptic will never know unless people complain loudly. If everyone 'shut up' like you seem to want NOTHING would get fixed, welcome to life.

This is how it always works around here in the past, people complain loudly and makes sure the problems on Tribble never make it to live, or if its a problem on live that it gets fixed promptly.

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