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I finally did the event earlier this morning.
TIP: You must physcially visit each sector in the sector block for credit.
But i visited everything on the board and got a wopping 11,000 energy credit for my trouble. (1,000 for clearing each region and 4,000 bonus for doing them all)
Thats barely enough to restock my hypos. They need to multiply that by 10 to make it worth while. If i have to waist 40 minutes doing an event that boring i should at least get enough credits to stock out my ship on gear (even basic gear from teh vendors) otherwise its only worth doing once to say i did it.
I understand it was probably meant to get new players familiar with the map but even they will be saying WTF?? with the paultry reward. All the other events give a decent reward in ore for your efforts.

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