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Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
...I can assure you there are no restrictions on content access, including future Feature Series. In addition, subscribers should notice little to no change. As far as I've seen, any changes in price will be to lower prices on some items.

That aside, if you don't like the game, you don't like the game. The entire concept of F2P is that you don't have to pay for the game. You can play it for free and if you like... {Source}
The above quote is from the, at the time, Executive Produce of Star Trek Online, Dan Stahl (posted Sep 1, 2011), in an attempt to calm the masses that things weren't going to be so bad come STO: Free-to-Play. This "subscriber" would like to make the following list of "little" changes that I happen to notice. (And yes, I know Dan is gone, but his words still matter.) Some of the items on this list may be "forward thinking", but most are on Tribble now.

Negative Changes
* No VA Ship Token:
Originally all ship tokens were removed from the game. Cryptic restored subscriber Ship Tokens for ranking up through Rear Admiral, but they have not restored the Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General Token. You want a new ship for your End Game? C-Points Only. Details: (About Ships/Tokens). (Why VA is gone.) (Token = Vet Reward.) (My response.) (New Blog) (Latest response)

* Dilithium Added to Crafting:
Uncommon and rare even-mark gear, and all very rare items require a dilithium fee. The current fees are high and not much lower than regular vendors, even though the player still needs to also include standard crafting material (anomalies and schematics). There has been much gnashing of teeth on this one from the playerbase. Cryptic, has said they're looking at it, but Dil is here to stay. Details: (Latest response)

* In-Game Ships Removed:
The T3 Nebula and T3 Excel are no longer purchasable via Energy Credits, and the Delta Flyer can no longer be crafted. Also, in addition to the VA/LG tokens being removed (see above), the Fed VA Retrofits, D'Kyr, Nebula, and their KDF counterparts are no longer even grindable via an in-game currency. All these ships are now C-Store only (but see below about Exchanging for C-Points).

* C-Store Prices got Jacked-Up!
Roughtly 80% of the items in the C-Store had their prices raised! I thought paying $15 for a ship on the C-Store was bad. I mean at 1200CP that's a month's worth of subscription fee for the whole game for just one ship. Now those same ships are 1600CP (or $20).

* The Relentless Nerf:
The Relentless vet reward has been Nerfed. After paying for 500 days, a player would be gifted 250 Emblems as part of his Veteran Reward. That portion of the reward has been removed. We're told that Cryptic is "working on something else to fill in that spot" with something that they are "looking at", and "currently exploring the possibility" of, but "nothing is set in stone yet." The VA Ship Token got added here. It's unclear if this is a separate add/fix for pulling the Token in the first place or replacement for the Emblem Nerf (or both). Relevant quotes/my further opinion/thoughts are here: (New Blog) (Latest response)

* Time-Gated Currency/Conversion:
Regardless of how the numbers are tweaked, I don't think subscribers should be subjected to a time-gated currency conversion process. If a player pays $15 a month and wants to spend 10 hours on a Saturday, earns 40,000 Dil, then he should get to spend it right there on whatever shiney new toy he wants. He should not have to wait 5 days to refine it. They want to time-gate Silvers? I got no problem with that.

Further, I am very against the fact that when Holodeck characters are moved to F2P Land, some currency we have already earned may be given to us as Ore, meaning it's being restricted from our use for a time. Details/rant here:

* Bind-on-Pickup Dilithium Items:
On Holodeck now, Badge and Emblem items are Bind-on-Equip. This means I can spend my time earning these tokens and sell the resultant spoils to other players for EC. Also, and more importantly to me, I'm a player who likes lots of characters (I have 20 now, only 8 are at End Game). As I level-up new alts I can buy gear for them from my main characters, this especially being true with Emblem gear. When my new toons reach VA/LG, I do not have to grind with them. I can >poof< give the Alt any Epic Gear they need.

With Dilithium replacing all the "good gear" currencies, and Dil items beign BoP, I won't be able to do either of these tasks I can now do with my sub. I can see that Dil is a "time currency" that's related to money that Silvers aren't paying in subs, so they want each player to have to grind... But to get the Dil to begin with, the time has already been spent by me. In game I may be nearly two-dozen people. In real life, I'm only me. I can only grind so much. Perhaps they can allow inter-account trading, at least for Gold members.

* C-Store items become Single Purchase:
What was originally discovered and justifiably raged-over has been cleared-up. Existing players' account-wide unlocks of already purchased/awarded items will be grandfathered-in. Still, I think new C-store items (like pets, tribbles, etc.) being per-item single-purchases is not a wise idea, so I'm leaving this in the "bad" area. (How it "works.") (Stormshade explains/apologizes.) (New characters retain unlocks.) (Ships to remain account-wide.) (Geko's addional info.)
Positive Changes
* New Content:
DOff System/Assignments, STA "Particle" Game, Mirror Event, "rebooted" STFs, Tour the Galaxy, Borg Ground Event (So far, unreleased), etc. These are great. It's too bad Cryptic has intentionally witheld the release of some of these for F2P Launch, making the Holodeck Drought even longer, but once things go live, hopefully we'll get a lot more content down the line. (Not holding my breath.)

* 400CP Monthly Stipend:
This would be especially full of win if it wasn't for the fact that the C-Store prices got jacked-up (see below), effectively nerfing this out of the box. Still, ultimately it's a boon.

* Modular Ship Powers:
Some ships with special powers got those powers removed from the generic UI and turned into a "console" that can be added or removed as the player would like. Many (most?) of these are useable on other ships of the same class (Escort, Cruiser, Sci, etc). Most ships that got their power "consolized" also got an extra slot to put it in resulting in a net loss of zero to keep your power. I like this idea of modularzation and the variety that it brings to the game. Still, it's not perfect. I much rather these were quest rewards, crafting items, or otherwise in-game unlocks. Instead they are C-Store purchased and there is debate about this (see "Pay-to Win" below), also in the process they Nerfed the T5 Excel (see below).

* Klingon Academy:
It's long overdue, but it's pretty cool. Nothing much to do there yet, but a mini-game similar to SFA is supposed to be coming soon.
(Now continued in the next post...)

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