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10-20-2011, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by Lukas2409
Enterprise was Oscar worthy compared to Voyager. Enterprise went back on nothing unlike Voyager. Enterprise showed a new group of explorers finding there feet. The Characters were much mire then the 2d characters of Voyager. Read the other posts and Moores interview because you've clearly missed something.

Yes, some of the Voyager characters were shallow and forgettable... mostly because they were usually poorly written. Kim is the best example, he has essentially zero character growth throughout the entire series. Heck, he's still an Ensign at the end!

That said, there's not a single character on ENT that holds a candle to the Doctor or Seven. Both were superbly written and acted, especially if you can get over the fact that "OMG, SEVEN HAS *****!" which seems to be the only thing people care to notice about her character.

Voyager is very, very hit and miss. However, it hit more often than Enterprise did. Enterprise's really one amazing bright spot was "In a Mirror, Darkly", which is a bit sad considering it's a complete offshoot from the rest of the series. Voyager had some excellent work in things like "The Scorpion", "Equinox", "Timeless", "Distant Origin", "Blink of an Eye", and "The Killing Game", just to name a few. Yes, it also had "Threshold" and countless moments of Neelix. However, when Voyager actually hit home it did it with a vengeance, and has some of the best Trek in its ranks. Enterprise... has one episode where we see the Mirror Universe versions of them and it's pretty awesome. Then we have entire seasons devoted to the Temporal Cold War, which went nowhere... and slowly..., we've got the Xindi stuff which was OK honestly, and then we had Romulan Shao Khan sending unmanned drones to fight stuff. Though I guess to be fair, I did enjoy the episodes that explains the TOS Klingons, and some of the stuff in the last season and a half or so was solid. Still, the characters sucked.

T'Pol was just a ***** for no good reason save being a *****
Archer was a sociopath. No, seriously, he was a sociopath. His mirror version isn't all that mirrory.
Phlox's most memorable moment was him committing genocide based off his failure to grasp the theory of evolution... along with Archer...
Mayweather was the Harry Kim of the show. He was there, but honestly, do you remember him doing anything?
Trip was nothing more than a stereotypical caricture of stupid Southerners who love "eatin' there catfish sandwhiches and workin' on thangs, hawt damn!"... and yet we're suppossed to believe the guy who laments "I was never any good at math in school" is the chief engineer of Earth's greatest exploratory space craft?! It's like they wanted him to both be a stereotypical dumb**** Southerner hillbilly, yet not at the same time. He mostly came off as a stereotype who was mind-boggling given a job there's no way he had the smarts to actually perform.
Hoshi: see Kim and Mayweather.

Reed... I actually liked Reed. He's the only character that regularly didn't make me want to punch a baby when he opens his mouth.

Again though, none of those people come close to the Doctor or Seven. Or Quark. Or Data. Or Kira. Or Odo. Or McCoy. Or any of the other legitimately great characters throughout Star Trek, for that matter. Trip makes Wesley look as awesome as Spock in comparison.

/end rant

Snirkle, Snirkle banjo tuuuuuuuuuune.

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