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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • There is now a new interact effect.
    • There will be some swiping lines as well as a bracketed vertical aspect to it.
      • Give us some feedback so we know how you like it!
  • We made a change that should significantly reduce all of the crashing to desktop. Please let us know if that's the case!
  • Azlesa Expanse exploration missions are no longer a daily, so it no longer awards dilithium.
  • Removed the diplomacy reward from Beytan due to an exploit.
  • Added warp-to locations have been added to the mission journal through the Romulan Hub.
  • Removed the requirement to enter the council chamber for the Klingon commander promotion mission.
  • Made the Hail button in the mission journal actually look like the Hail Starfleet/Hail KDF button on your minimap to keep the visual vocabulary the same.
  • Make the More Info button turn into the Hail button for completed missions if you can hail the contact.
  • Improved carrier pet repair drone healing and carrier pet siphon pod draining capabilities.
  • Corrected text for carrier repair drones and siphon pods.
  • Dampening Fields should automatically disappear after a short time on maps where there creator has left.
  • Fixed the bug that was not giving dead players on the Mirror Universe events their loot.
  • Klingon Academy
    • Klingon players can enter the Academy from the Qonos system or The First City transporter room.
    • Lieutenant Sístas has been moved to Klingon Academy and can be found in the Command Center.
    • Lore mission dailies have been moved to Klingon Academy.
    • Lore singer Chítoh grants missions and can be found in the upper plaza.
    • Library computers and the Historical Database can be accessed from the consoles in the Command Center.
    • The Klingon Academy event will be added soon.
      • This event will be analogous to the Starfleet Academy Event.
  • Tour the Galaxy Event
    • The Tour Event will now grant Duty Officer XP as well as Energy Credits.
      • This will give players a great way to look for Sector Block DOFF assignments and earn rewards at the same time.
    • The amount of Energy Credits and Duty Officer XP that can be earned from the Tour event now scales with player level.
    • The tour event will now only send players to visit level-appropriate areas of Sector Space.

  • Returned the ability to craft uncommon or rare even-mark gear, but with a cost in dilithium in addition to crafting materials.
    • The dilithium cost is a percentage of the cost to flat out buy the item from the dilithium store. The dilithium cost percentage increases with the rank of the item youíre crafting.
  • Very rare gear is still only craftable at the odd marks (including Mk XI), with a dilithium cost.
  • The same crafting update in progress for Klingons.

Duty Officer:
  • Update the assignment refresh timer tooltip
  • Added a personal update timer to the Doff assignment pane
  • Added an assignment risk meter.
  • Fixed Reassignment assignments that were giving Refined Dilithium rather than Dilithium Ore.
  • Added better description text for outcomes on some Experimental assignments.
  • Fixed bug with missing Energy Credits from Trade assignments.
  • Added icon art to DOFF Assignment reward items that give players buffs to certain captain skills.
  • Filter out the buttons that don't mean anything for completed assignments
  • Fix a problem where a completed assignment would not display Doffs.
  • Add assignment update time to the side bar.
  • Duty Officer assignments will now provide a short list of recommendations from the first officer on a per assignment slot basis that attempt to maximize the success of the mission. There is an option to disable these recommendations on the new Settings tab.
  • Disabled discard button for duty officers that are on assignment.
  • Your assignment history will now show your last 20 missions.
  • Bridge officer recruitment assignment and Trade assignment outcomes are now explicitly described. I.e., instead of "Critical Success" it will say, for example, "Extremely Profitable" or "Purple Quality".
  • Bridge officer recruitment assignments will give a modest numerics reward even on green quality outcomes.
  • Increased duration - and thus most numeric rewards - for many Trade assignments.
  • Added new icons for commendation tier tokens for duty officer store.
  • Added numeric rewards to unique personal mobility shield assignment.

  • The following ships are now available in the Tribble C-Store. Specifics on the consoles these ships have will be in the C-Store text.
    • Constitution Refit: Exeter Class
    • Saber Refit: Gladius Class
    • Akira Refit: Thunderchild Class
    • Intrepid Refit: Bellerphon Class
      • This ship includes a skin for the Vice Admiral Intrepid, and the VA version comes with its own unique Ablative Armor art specifically made for this skin.
    • Galaxy Refit: Venture Class
    • Bird of Prey Refit: Norgh Class
    • Bird of Prey Refit: Kiítang Class
    • Nausicaan Escort: Vandal Destroyer
    • Nausicaan Escort: Scourge Destroyer
    • Gorn Science: Phalanx Science Vessel
    • Gorn Science: Dragus Support Vessel
    • Orion Cruiser: Flight Deck Cruiser
    • Orion Cruiser: Corsair Flight-Deck Cruiser
    • Kítinga Refit: Koroítíinga Class
  • Updated most existing C-Store Ships
    • If they had a special power, it was changed to a universal Console item, and that ship gained a Console slot.
    • This change will affect new ships at first, but all existing ships will be converted.
    • During the conversion, your new item will go into your new ship console slot.
      • If your ship is not getting a new ship slot, the item will try to go into an existing console slot, and any item in that slot will get moved into your backpack.
      • No items will be deleted in the conversion.
    • The following ships have changed:
      • NX
        • Grappler is now an Item. (No new console slot)
      • T3 Excelsior
        • Transwarp is now a Transwarp Drive Coil Console.
        • Console grants Transwarp plus a passive bonus to Weapon, Shield, Engine, and Aux Efficiency Stat.
        • Added Tactical Console Slot.
        • Upgraded Ensign Engineering Boff slot to a Lt Engineering Boff Slot.
      • T3 Nebula
        • Tachyon Field is now a Console Item.
        • Console grants Tachyon Field plus a passive bonus to Starship Sensors stat.
        • Added Science Console Slot.
        • Added Ensign Science Boff Slot.
      • T5 Excelsior Retrofit
        • Now comes with an Advanced Transwarp Drive Coil console mod.
        • Console grants Transwarp (but no longer to Sirius, Regulus, or Pi Canis), but also grants a passive bonus to Weapon, Shield, Engine, and Aux Performance Stat.
        • No console slots added.
      • T5 Nebula Retrofit
        • Tachyon Detection Grid is now a Console Item.
        • Console grants Tachyon Field plus a passive bonus to Starship Sensors Array stat.
        • Added Science Console Slot.
      • D'kyr
        • Added Engineering Console slot (No item added).
      • T5 Galaxy Retrofit
        • Saucer Separation is a Console item.
        • Added Science Console slot.
      • T5 Defiant Retrofit
        • Cloak is a Cloaking Device Console item.
        • Added Engineering Console Slot.
      • T5 Intrepid Retrofit
        • Ablative Generator is now a Console item.
        • Added Engineering Console Slot.
      • Dreadnought Cruiser
        • Cloak is a Cloaking Device Console item.
        • Added Tactical Console Slot.
      • Fek'ihri Carrier
        • New Phase Shift Item.
        • Added Hangar Slot (No console slot added).
      • T5 B'rel Retrofit
        • Added Science Console Slot (No item added).
      • Gorn Varanus Fleet Support Vessel
        • Deploy Repair Platforms is not a Console Item.
        • Added Engineering Slot. Repair Drones greatly Improved and Platforms now have a PBAoE Mask Energy Signature.
        • Varanus is not accessible at Brigadier General.
      • Orion Marauder
        • Marauder is now a Flight Deck Cruiser Class and comes with 1 hangar slot.
        • Interceptor power has been removed. Ship now comes with Marauding Force Hangar Item (effectively an AoE Boarding Party).
        • As a Flight Deck Cruiser, the Marauder can now also equip all small hangar items including the To'Doj Fighters, S'kul Fighters, Nausicaan Siphons and Shield Repair Drones.
        • Marauder is not accessible at Brigadier General.
      • Nausicaan Guramba Siege Destroyer
        • Guramba is now a Destroyer Class.
        • Added Engineer Console slot.
        • No console Item added.
      • All Carriers and Flight Deck Cruisers can now equip the To'Doj Fighters, S'kul Fighters, Nausicaan Siphon Pods, and Shield Repair Drones. Bird-of-Prey and Fer'Jai Frigate hangar pets remain exclusive to the Vo'quv Carrier and Kar'Fi Battle Carrier respectively.
      • All Carriers and Flight Deck Cruisers will now come with 4 Pet Ai command powers to give orders to your pets - Attack, Escort, Intercept and Recall. These command powers are still in early development.
        • The UI for this should be coming next week. So you know itís here but canít use it yet. (Sorry)
      • There are no longer Port and Starboard carrier hangar pets. All hangar pet items fit in any slot.

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