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I officially hate this idea to add Dilithium to the crafting system. it is Totally unacceptable, and the first change and idea I TOTALLY HATE> The idea to actually start warning people away from STO just crossed my mind.

Turn the crafting system Dilithium requirement off. PERIOD. I HATE THIS IDEA.

For many reasons. first is Since I only have a few characters who are Crafters, it forces me to level my crafting skills on ALL my NEW CHARACTERS. because I can't trade dilithium to my other characters from them and to save my sanity I only have 3 / 4 crafters on holodeck.

This is a terrible idea, I hate it, stop this particular change NOW. for the first time, I actually HATE the idea that the DEvs have put on the Tribble.

Add Energy credits to the Crafting cost would be ONE thing. But this. The cost of Dilithium as is, even if it was 10% the cost addition in Dilithium. the DEVS have said

The Below is Copied from the F2P Blog 11

The Dilithium currency is something that we think many starship captains will never need in quantity. If you enjoy playing the episode story line, getting your crew decked out with moderate gear, and so on, you may not need a single unit of Dilithium. The only exception might be the expense of Captain and Rear Admiral ship upgrades for Silver players, which may require a few hours of Dilithium mission play.

You just contradicted yourselves. Now we will need large amounts of Dilithium for all our characters because in order to craft ANYTHING of great quality we have to turn ALL our characters into Crafters. Because we can not trade Dilithium between ourselves.

the DEVS have JUST made a MAJOR BLUNDER on this game's direction. it forces us to BUY C_store points to BUY Dilithium, or forces us to GRIND massive amounts of Dilithium to gear up a character. and since the DEVS have said, (The Dilithium currency is something that we think many starship captains will never need in quantity), you have just majorly kicked us in the rear ends. If you want to keep the currency incoming to pay for STO.

I have a LIFE time subscription. and will get 400 c-points per month. but I can tell you this, it will not be enough. You have taken the first step to what I Feel will BURY this game. I Enjoy the Holodeck, as is, But PLEASE STOP this change to CRAFTING needing Dilithium. I find it unacceptable.

If you want to encourage F2P Silver accounts to GO GOLD, then LOCK the crafting system out to then at say give them a MAX crafting skill that only allows them to craft up to MK VIII Blue gear, or even totally lock the crafting system out to silver accounts. But the addition of Dilithium is unacceptable to the crafting system, it basically makes it mandatory to gather high levels of Dilithium.

I ask many people to post your opinions here. But please, keep it Civil and polite.

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