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# 1 couple [KDF] quest bugs
10-21-2011, 04:05 AM
at borath, you can go to grethor without getting the quest. i did this accidently when rescuing kahless, during the quest, from the demons, but seemed to stop doing damage to them(they seemed bugged at this point), so i decided to go and hit the shrine, thought it was part of the quest, so i ran through all that, just fine. came back and finished the previous quest-i assume the demons despawned or just vanished, and started the grethor quest and ran through that just fine again. also, the sword of kahless visual after you get the item, as its shown being carried is off, my klingon character is max size...basically, and his lower hand goes through his waist to hold the sword at just a weird angle, and when moving the high hand is holding it by the blade.

also, on the romulan front, during the quest ups and downs(aka the quest where you cant solo, but you are forced to), i get to the end, and just cant fight him, but im damn persistant, and train him back to a pile of crates, which here it bugs out and they cant hit me(im a melee science character....yeah i know), so i "kill" him-he reaches 0hp, but he doesnt go down, but he stops doing anything, and the quest progression stops there...
/bug report
i get bored, and luckily a rifle dropped from one of his guards and i proceed to kill the guys i left in the level, everyone is dead...except the zombie tal shiar guy. i expect that if i cant kill him in the right place itl bypass this odd bug i found.

sorry, its late, and i cant remember names very well

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