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I know there is already something like that. You call fleet and you have a frigate (Fed) or a brel (KDF) which helps you for a certain time.

My suggestion is :

Why not making something similar but with the help of your ancien ships which are at the Shipyard. This should be funny to have them for any help.
As far as you rank up you should have more and more of those ships.
For instance :
Fleet support 1 and you have your first and your second ship during your progress (for a certain time).
Fleet support 2 and you have the 1,2,3 and 4th ship (the dedicated time of support is growing at next level)
Then at VA level you could have an entire fleet of the ships you used before.

Of course those ships use the equipment and weapons level you have already put on them at shipyard.

I think it could give more immersion in the game and i am pretty sure, people would like this option.

Any advice ?

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