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There are a lot of issues with the new c-store ships

Some have no symbols for their consoles like the gorn energy shield. some dont have consoles like the tier 4 bird of prey. some have the console but the power does not show in the ability list (the tier 3 nausicaan ship).

most have no image in the tailor, or dont have the correct costumes to correctly customize with existing ships and the ones that do often dont have the correct name and will just say something like plus 1 ship.

The names of the two gorn ships are round the wrong way on the player status screen.

The orion ships transwarp send you to sol.

The tier 4 gorn ship seems to have 2 window type options, which im not sure if thats as intended or not.

i hope all these errors get cleaned up but it worries me that so many ships are released at once that its hard to gather concise feedback with so many and so many issues. Its not helpful to testers either to have so many known issues come over. perhaps these should have been held backa week to fix some of the errors first so its easier on us testers to not have to look and report so many problems that you probably already know about.

I will say on the plus side these ships look amazing and the consoles and abilities do look pretty good im just worried that with so much to fix that some issues will slip through the cracks.

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