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# 1 Red Matter Capacitor
10-22-2011, 08:30 PM
greetings all, just wanted to bring to the attention of most people who bought the deluxe edition of sto which included the red matter capacitor, in transferring my main v.a over to f2p test tribble, the one noticable thing that had been removed from my ship was the Red Matter Capacitor , now i know some of you may say who cares its hardly used. but for us people who like the specialties of that device it seems to be that particular item may be removed from the game forever, i hope this is just a glitch and not the way the devs are heading by removing items that we earnt by buying special editions, im also curious if others have noticed this dissapearance, and if thats the case what else may have been taken from you in the changing of the f2p version..

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