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10-25-2011, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
I understand what it is that you're trying to do. I even agree with the sentiment.

Just not the method.

To be openly blunt, you're attaching a buffed Dual Heavy Cannon to the ship's "necessary equipment" (term used only because no Galaxy-X would go without the Lance), taking away one of it's primary weapon slots due to the need to replace it with the lance instead of having it as a power (weakening the ship), to its forward arc.

That's more or less what you're proposing. A semi high power, fast recharge energy weapon on a narrow arc.

Doing so however, you take away the ship's decisive power. Its ability to devastate targets, and turning it into a sub-par attempt at sustained DPS.

Before I continue, let me apologize in advance if anything I am about to say is taken as an insult. Not meant that way, rather to give perspective.

Don't get me wrong... PvE this would be fantastic. Galaxy-X would be twice as strong as it was.

If I haven't already done EVERYTHING in PvE 50,000 times over and bored to tears with it, I'd agree.

Since I derive my entertainment from opponents that I have to actually think in order to defeat, I prefer to focus on the ship's ability to compete against human opponents without pre-programmed responses.

To be blunt, I can Beam Overload 1 with my 3 forward facing Dual Phaser Beam Banks and pump out more power than the Lance you have designed. I wouldn't even bother replacing one of my forward facing weapons because it would be inferior.

The way the Lance is now, it forces you to think on your feet. You can't just spam your "Fire All Weapons" button and expect to win.

You have to plan. You have to analyze your target and maneuver accordingly. You have to time your attacks. You have to outwit and often bait your opponents into making mistakes.

And when they do make a mistake, you have the power to make them pay for it dearly.

Your "upgrade" limits my gameplay to playing Internet Poker alt-tabbed for some shred of "PvP" challenge while swapping back to STO every few seconds to press the Spacebar to fire all weapons.

...Not my idea of fun, challenge, or unique ingenuity.

Try playing Galaxy-X as a Tactical. Give it a spin.

You'll realize just how devastating that Lance is, and you'll kick yourself for wanting to change it.

More importantly, proper use of the Galaxy X, just like the Nebula requires a group to use team work. The ship should be the anchor of a Fed' group. The other ships should operate AROUND the Galaxy X, not seperate from it. Then the ship becomes really dangerous.

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