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10-26-2011, 01:02 PM
My view on it is that in pvp there is a crowd against the carriers but on other hand nerfing them will cause an uproar when the STF's let KDF players join fed teams they won't like it so much if their teammates are nerfed Like some others have said its *spam* is what makes the carrier used because mainly a carrier user usually goes all beams because torpedos and cannons are not functional due to its turning speed but if they are going to be nerfed I'd expect that the turning power be adjusted to the ship because right now the ships are balanced super slow turning with massive spam firepower (the beams are just the fluff for some energy draining).

The only way I can see the federation giving them something that will fit in line with a carrier is some how giving the federation side functioning outposts like DS9 like as it was in the series was super slow moving but had the ability to move. I'm not sure how this could ever be implemented since they can't go to warp unless there was some kind of balance components like having to be in a full team to go to warp to drag the outpost inside the warp field(or quantum slip stream) of a team being only one team could have one in a group. Being kind of skills it would have like an inherent FAW3 and Torp Spread 3 and 3 launch ports if it was like DS9 say one that launches runabouts, fighters, and delta flyers. I mostly play KDF but I just thought i'd add this an idea that might work one day to not gimp anyone on abilities for each faction. Biggest problem I do have with pets on either faction is how against certain ships they get too close and almost impossible to keep them from exploding to ships such as borg ships.

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