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Finished a couple of DOF assignments today, two of them had a problem with their rewards (see below). I also noticed some strange behaviour in the way the names of the rewarded doff's and boff's are displayed. When checking the assignment log where you can see the outcome of previous dof assignments, if you hover your mouse over the reward you can see the name and abilities of the bof/dof you got as a reward for completing the mission. If you switch to any other tab and then back to the assignment log again, the name of the bof/dof changes. This also happens after claiming your reward. I hope that makes sense, I have a screenshot to clarify, drop me a pm if it's needed.

Now on to the incorrect rewards:

First DOF assignment:
Name: Federation Tactical Junior Officer Cadre
Result: Success
Reward: One green and one white DOF
Bug: When I checked my roster I noticed I had gotten two white DOF's in stead of one green and one white. In the assignment log the reward is also listed as one green and one white.

Second DOF assignment:
Name: Evaluate Alien Tactical Bridge Officer
Result: Success (not a critical success)
Reward: One blue Andorian Female Bridge Officer
Bug: I either never received this BOF or I received a purple very rare male (in stead of a blue rare female) BOF. I am not sure because when checking my bof roster I had one purple male Andorian and I am not sure if this is from the dof reward or that I had it already. In any case, I either didn't get it or I got the wrong one. The window with join/train up/not now did pop up and I selected "not now" because I wanted to do some other stuff first.

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