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# 1 Cross-faction DOFFs
10-28-2011, 08:48 AM
So, what's going on with cross-faction DOFFs available on the exchange? I noticed that since the 10/27 patches, my Klingon-side character who had some Federation DOFFs via the exchange could no longer assign them to jobs, at least on some missions. For instance, I bought an entertainer specifically to try to do one of the jobs that requires 3 of them, but the Fed one wouldn't show up in the available DOFFs roster.

Luckily they DO still show up in the full ship roster, so it's possible to relist them on the exchange to get rid of them and free up space.

Frankly, I liked it better when we could enslave cross-faction DOFFs via the exchange, since it's so hard to find certain types of DOFFs. If you're going to limit them to their factions, then we need exchange sorting options so Klingons don't have to wade through the flood of Federation DOFFs just to find a common engineer, much less a hard-to-find type like entertainer.

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