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# 1 Ideas for level 55+ powers
10-28-2011, 02:38 PM
I've started thinking about powers for starships and kits for the future ranks of admiral and fleet admiral. I think we should post our ideas for powers.

My ideas:

Gravity capacitor: Massive object with absolutely no weight, absorbs all gravity exerted on it and allows discharging of gravity. Powered by a static warp bubble, it will consume vast amounts of gravity. This gravity discharge may work similarly to photonic shockwave, but with many times the knockback distance and higher damage, maybe even a disruption of the warp cores of enemy ships causing brief power drain.

Warp Plasma Cannon: Accumulates a starship's warp plasma in a highly pressurized canister to be later discharged at an enemy causing all effects of "eject warp plasma" plus an initial knockback. Shares cooldown with eject warp plasma. Cooldown time decreased by being hit with ejected warp plasma.

Armed escape pod swarm: ejects escape pods each armed with a beam array, cannon, and/or torpedo launcher. Pods slowly retrieved. Very long cooldown. Shares cooldown with "abandon ship".

Nanite engineering: Releases a swarm of nanites into the ship to repair systems quickly with great efficiency. Same effect as autonomous regeneration sequencer from assimilated gear. VERY long cooldown.

Cryonic stasis unit (with a Breen ground set): Tractor beam working on the subatomic level to stop almost all heat in atoms. Freezes an enemy in a block of solidified air causing massive cold damage, slowing effect after freezing is over, high damage done by energy weapons after freezing is over (same concept that shatters ice taken from a freezer and put into warm liquid). No damage can be done to frozen enemy due to the amount of frozen material around it.

Beam to brig: Transports an enemy or enemies to a ship's brig when its personal shields go down. (possibly allows a duty officer assignment for prisioner interrogation). Long cooldown. Mission fails if used on borg.

Project Ship Shield: Ship projects its shield to the ground providing cover. No enemies can get through. Vulnerable to multiple impacts of "orbital strike". Long cooldown.

Solar radiation diversion: A star puts out intense radiation, this radiation is collected within a starship's deflector array over time and discharged at a ground or ship target causing massive damage to biological life when shields are down. Does very little damage when shields are not down. Not effective against enemies using metaphasic shielding. Not effective against Borg.

I know that most of these ideas may not be practical, but I'll let Cryptic figure out the details if they wish to use these ideas (though I know they probably won't).

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