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Well while postine in another thread about the Vo'quf skin there came a little Idea to my mind:

How about "unlocking" the classic STO t5 (or lower tier) ships together with optional skins?

I mean, for example: The Defaint is one of my two favorite federation ST-ships. I bought her in C-Store for the only reason to purchase her at will, even for characters that do not have much use for an escort.

The OTHER favorite is the Souvereign. Now, on Holodeck, shes prety easy to get since shes still available for EC, but with Dillithium the value is much higher.
So I would buy the ability to claim her at will from c-store for a reasonable price... (lets say 400-500 Cryptic points?) Same for the Hegh'ta.

A nice addition would be to add additional costumes for the ships, I thing that would be a source to make some additional money with the C-Store without ripping off users.

That would also make it rasonable to put some resources into those ships and their balance, since they seem to have been ignored for a while now in benefit for als those shiny C-Store ships with their shiny new conoles.
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10-24-2011, 11:44 PM
Honestly, depending on how the C-Point - Dilithium Exchange works out, this is probably going to be entirely feasible, if expensive.
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10-30-2011, 10:34 AM
how about a Souvereign class refit with the corbomite reflector like from startrek armada with added new ship skin

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