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# 1 T5 Akira Class Go or No-Go?
10-30-2011, 11:47 AM
A few months ago Cryptic hinted in an engineering report that we would see an Akira Class vessel at Tier 5; With the news of the Thunderchild class in the C-Store I was hopeful, imagine my sadness when it was not to be so that it would be a Tier 5 offering.
While I'm still hopeful that the collapsing of the skill tree may be a step in the direction of getting an Akira Class at Tier 5, I am concerned that the idea to have that vessel available for Admirals has been scrubbed.

I would like to request a clarification from Cryptic as to whether we will ever see the Akira class or even a Thunderchild C-Store variant at tier 5, if only to give closure to myself and the other fleet captains waiting on the vessel with baited breath.
Please let us know, is a Tier 5 Akira coming or are we simply dreaming?

Thank you for reading and hopefully for responding.


Anyone that feels as I do, or disagrees with my wish, please feel free to voice your opinion as well; It'd be great to have a discussion as to whether this is something the community wishes as a whole.

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