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So I am going to play through the missions that are still awaiting peer review and post constructive feedback.

I am hoping to help people make better missions the same as Nagorak did for me.

So - 1st review

Project ID : STHATAHJP55

I`m not sure what the actual aim of this mission is.Ok so you go to Risa (?) through the door in ESD next to the Admirals office.You then have to find some out of place plants.

There needs to be a reason for this.Who is Astrars? why does he want your help? Is it actually Risa your on or a Holodeck simulation? The contact comes up as `UGC Contact` so that needs changing to his actual name.
The description on the mission needs a [MissionInfo] to tell you where to go,why you are doing it and which door you mean.

One thing I learnt from Nagorak is to think about why the player should care about the mission and what drives them to find out more.If it is actually Risa you need to change the `leave from whole map` to the Risa door so that players actually go to Risa in sector space.

Then think about the reason for the plants - maybe some operative has placed a bio agent in the plants so that it spreads to the population via pollenation? Maybe you could have a group of kilngons or orions guarding each plant to try and stop you?

Maybe there is some nefarious plot to ruin/take over Risa as there is an important Starfleet Official on holiday there?

Crimson - I hope that you get to read this - I did leave some feedback on your mission in game.Also try looking at Starbase - its has some excellent videos about mission construction and multiple endings.I found it a huge help.

more to come - Monkeydude

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