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# 1 I declare: NO HOLDS BARRED
11-01-2011, 10:54 AM
Hi PvP Community I have something I would like to share.

I was one of the biggest speakers for following the rules known as the OPvP Tournament rules. I believed that Kharn and Zorena did a good job making that Tournament and setting up some balanced rules. It was my wish that all people that considered themselves a part of the PvP Community would follow these rules, not only in Tournament matches but at anytime while PvPing.

I tried to speak in favor of that for a long time, but as Spock said when he tried to save Romulus "I failed, and the OPvP Tournament failed aswell”. One of the most disappointing moments in STO was when the prime Fed fleet that was part of creating those rules abandoned them and decided to run whatever they like. Instead of using these overpowered abilities and making public queues a borefest, they should have been a role model for the PvP community, promoting fair play and competition without abilities such as Torp Spread. However, that was their choice and there is no changing it now.

It is now clear to me that we can’t have a common ruleset because all the different PvP fleets that are left have their own agenda. Maybe it is understandable when everyone else is doing it. There are so many things in STO that I consider semi or fully broken, and by the looks of what is to come, it will only get worse.

What will the future bring? Well I will be around doing pew with my new Panda friends. The rest of Qew mostly don’t play anymore because of the horrible balance, broken skills and the fact that there is nothing more for us to accomplish. We have never cheated or used exploits and we will continue to play with that integrity in any future games we are going to play.

Lately I have raged a lot at fleets and friends in OPvP channel when they did not follow OPvP rules, but I see now that it was my mistake. I should have realized that what is left of this community can’t handle playing under a competitive ruleset. To quote one of the Kerrat legends Minimax: "Nothing is op. There is No OPVP Ruleset".

However, I don’t want to see any one complaining about overpowered or broken abilities, as there was a ruleset in place that prohibited the use of them. The majority of the community chose to ignore these rules and it was these choices that have lead to the current state of the PvP Queues. The players are the ones responsible for what we see in the PvP Queues every day. Cryptic is not forcing us to use these abilities.

Anyways, when you can’t agree on any common ruleset, then there shouldn’t be a ruleset. That is why I must declare: NO HOLDS BARRED. Use whatever you want, just remember there are consequences for the future state of the game in doing so.

Thanks for your time,


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