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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

New Feature
  • The Dilithium Exchange
    • This exchange allows players to trade Cryptic Points for Dilithium with other players. The Dilithium Exchange can currently be accessed from the drop down menu on the lower right corner of the minimap. The currency exchange window has three tabs:
      • Sell Cryptic Points – From this tab you can sell your Cryptic Points for another player’s Dilithium. The interface for creating a sell offer is in the lower left corner of the window. There are three inputs: Quantity of Cryptic Points to sell, price per Cryptic Point in Dilithium, and total quantity of Dilithium you will receive when the order is fulfilled. For example, if you enter “10” for the number of Cryptic Points, and “200” for the unit price, the total you will receive will be 2000 Dilithium. When you create a Sell order the Cryptic Points are removed from your personal balance immediately and held in escrow by the Dilithium Exchange.
      • Buy Cryptic Points – From this tab you can buy Cryptic Points from other players using your Dilithium. The interface for entering a buy offer is the same as the one for entering sell offers. When you enter an offer to buy Cryptic Points, the Dilithium required to pay for those points will be deducted from your personal balance and held in escrow by the Dilithium Exchange.
      • History – This tab shows a detailed history of all of your activities on the Dilithium exchange, up to 250 entries are displayed.
    • A few other notes on the Dilithium Exchange:
      • The price for one Cryptic Point must be between 50 Dilithium and 500 Dilithium. This value is subject to change as we see how the market evolves.
      • The maximum quantity of Cryptic Points that can be bought or sold in a single order is 5000.
      • Each player can have a maximum of 5 offers open on the Dilithium Exchange. Your open offers are displayed in the upper right corner of the both the Buy and Sell tabs.
      • You may cancel an offer at any time, and the escrowed currency for that offer will be placed in your exchange balance, which is displayed along with your personal balance in the lower right corner of the window.
      • When your buy or sell offer is fulfilled (by being matched with an offer of the opposite type) the Dilithium or Cryptic Points you receive will be added to your Dilithium Exchange balance. You can use the Withdraw button to move the currency back to your personal balance so that it can be used in the C-Store or one of the in game Dilithium stores.
      • The Dilithium Exchange is account wide. The limit of 5 open offers is per account. The Dilithium in your exchange balance can be withdrawn by any of your characters. The History tab shows which character performed each action.

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