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I have an Orion female toon.. I want to mix and match uniform parts..

I want to wear KDF Academy boots on my Orion while wearing the Orion bikini..

Why? Because I want it, Because it looks cool, and it looks sexy. You have no types of soft boots of any kind for KDF female toons., and the academy boots are the closest there are.

Go watch enterprise and take a look at the "dresses" the orion women wore.

The Orion women need more options for attaching to the belt other then the, square, rounded, and tattered loin cloths. And some different patterns would not be out of place for those self same loin cloths. Longer versions of the loin cloths.. would be a good option. Go Look at middle eastern caberet dancer wear. This is the obvious model for Orion slave women. Viels, we should have Viels. Val'kris in ST-III had an elaborate hair dressing and wore a veil. Valkris was not Orion, She was in fact Krueg's consort and Klingon. Go look at Worf and Jadzia Dax's wedding in DS-9. Look at how Worf was dressed in "Trials and Tribbulations" Make the "Mercenary" costume availible to KDF faction Characters. No doubt the Leathen and Nausican players would be pleased.

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