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11-03-2011, 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
I've held my tongue up until now about your damage analysis up until now. Because your data analysis to present could yield data that has some semblance to reality, and I grudging will yield that the C-Store data may have some semblance to reality as well.

But now with the Dilthium Exchange any data that you gather will be so badly skewed that it will be useless. IT will be useless as to what player will go on the live game because there are no consequences to players actions. The Tribble C-Points (T-Points) are phony money. It has little, or no, value to players. Any value placed on the T-Points will have no bearing as how player will value in reality. You can feasibly use this data as a baseline.

And price fixing the exchange rate without even having a baseline? Insanity.

Note: So their is no misundetsanding. 'You' used in post meant to be a collective you as in 'you == Cryptic'.
Well that's part of the reason why dil sinks are there, to get testers to use the system as if it were live. The analysis is still valid to answering the question about how to balance grinding for dil (i.e. doing STFs) vice injecting cpoints to obtain dil for the various dil sinks. In fact, with the exchange, the cycle becomes complete - previously it was impossible to test real dil grinding-in-lieu-of-money because there was no previous way to convert accumulated dil (yes some of us VA STF runners who didn't even import holo characters are sitting on boatloads of [at least unrefined] dil) into Cpoints. Now there is. The exchange price fixing does have a sound basis in theory when you consider that the maximum rate of usable dil is 8000 dil per day *but* at VA it is so easy to generate that, not having a lower cap on the exchange would quickly devaluate CPs. It does make sense as a baseline to calculate the average length it takes to grind 500 emblems on holo for a T5 ship and use that as your desired exchange ratio for 1200CP. Who came up with the concept that 480dil = 1 emblem ratio? Cryptic didn't, since the theoretical max emblems one can reasonably obtain per day is around 15 (VA b'tran resets every 30minutes and you convert the VA badges to emblems); not to mention that on tribble, exploration nets you 1440dil per day. But in any case, see also

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