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11-03-2011, 02:03 PM

I agree with you. I realize that I out myself as one of those cannon players but I do agree with what you say. When I see the Mirandas, Constitutions or the NX out there I feel strange. I think that Starfleet would have designed a modern counterpart or did away with the designs back in the 2300's.

But then I think for a moment. In a time of war, with enemies all over the galaxy and when I cant enter a star system without being fired upon, I think that Starfleet would have taken designs and existing models out of museums, junk yards, or what have you to replenish lost forces.
I admittedly drive an Excelsior. I have always loved the design of it and the interiors shown in ST6 and STG. When it appeared in the Cstore it was a no brainer. I brush off my uneasiness of driving an old ship by saying this model was taken from a collectors private museum. In terms of consoles and BO stations, I like it more than a modern Sovereign; trust me Ive contemplated flip flopping between the two.

As for uniforms, I cant stand seeing custom jobs or a mishmash of themes. I will agree with Breakout and say that its the players right to chose uniforms and ship designs. Still, for any military, there would be some standardization of dress and colors.

But MMOs -especially that are going through major overhauls to reach F2P-need to cater to its players and potential players and their diverse tastes.

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