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11-04-2011, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Obelus
I agree that teamwork should be rewarded however in this case teamwork is part of the issue. This is because of the speed of the attack.

Example: You have 2 BoPs decloak and focus fire. One of them uses photonic shockwave immediately after decloaking. Unless you screw it up you're guaranteed a kill almost every time because the victim is dead before they or their teammates can respond.
It's called being aware of your surroundings and quick reaction times. It's not hard to retarget a teammate and give him a tac team / tss / extend. If you've seen the veteran pvp cruiser captains who actually know how to support and sustain fire, then you'll have a hard time alpha striking his teammate.

Yes, this goes for both pug play and team play.

I'm guessing you fly fed most of the time? There's a lot of zombie cruisers out there that only care about themselves. They don't know how to function in group play.

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