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# 1 KDF Carrier Pets wonky
11-04-2011, 04:13 PM
From today's patch notes:

Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
[*]Carrier AI updates to fighters & raiders:[list][*]On Attack mode, craft will now follow you if there are no more enemies to fight, until you target a new enemy or are attacked.[*]On Recall mode, craft will engage full impulse to follow you if they are too far away.[*]Intercept mode has received overhauls.[list][*] Your craft will intercept enemy mines, fighters, or torpedoes within 12 km preferentially, and will still attack enemy ships if no other small targets are available.
I don't know what the deal is, but something doesn't seem to be shaking out right.

The attack command doesn't always make pets attack your selected target. My testing of this was done in Cure Space (Normal), where I was babysitting the Kang. Instead of helping me kill the incoming Borg BoPs/Raptors, my pets would just fly off and attack one of the cubes, leaving me facing 2-4 enemies by myself.

Recall mode seems to be working fine.

Intercept mode didn't really do anything. My BoPs would just fly in a circle around me even though I was within firing distance of an enemy vessel that was actively attacking the Kang. They didn't attack the enemy ships.

Prior to this patch, I could set up my own attack waves: target an enemy, go to attack mode, have pets attack my target. After the target was down, I'd recall, select another target, and repeat the process. With this patch, the first part works fine, but after I recall my pets, I select another target, switch to attack mode... and the pets go off and do whatever they want to, even if it means ignoring the 3 ships within 10km to attack the Cube 25km away...

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