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I'm not sold on the usefulness of the pie charts. After all, I can read and add numbers under 100, even if the DOFF system can't. (5+84+6+6=100%?? Show us a decimal place, please!)

Well, here's another vote against its current implementation. If you have success labels for gear or BOFF reward jobs that say Purple, Blue and Green, but the pie chart's colors don't sync up, then you've introduced an unnecessary element of confusion.

Please use the rarity colors in the pie charts if possible, even if that means all of them have to be purple/blue/green/white for crit success/success/failure/disaster. Also, give us a legend for what the colors correspond to, preferably by putting a color box on each success rate text line corresponding to that line's piece of the pie.

Yes, this adds more to an already cluttered screen, but if the goal is to take as much guesswork out as possible, the current pie chart doesn't cut it.

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