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# 1 Odd Carrier Fighter Recall Bug
11-04-2011, 08:45 PM
I pilot a battle carrier.

After attacking an enemy, I placed my fighters and frigates into recall mode, in order to see how many are left. After replenishing my diminished squadrons, I clicked on an enemy and hit attack. The squadrons don't move at all. Even after the enemy has begun to attack me, and I've personally attacked them, the ships won't attack.

Respawning the fighters will only allow me to respawn 3 fighters and 1 frigate, as if I attempt to respawn again, the newly spawned grounds derez and the new taking their place, leaving 3 fighters and 1 frigate glued to my carriers behind.

Eventually, on some unknown cue, well after the battle has commenced, the stuck fighters and frigate will finally spin off and attack what they are clicked to attack.

Clicking to escort or intercept does not change this either. This has happened at least three times so far to me, though I'm still not exactly sure what triggers it, as my recalling my squadrons does not always trigger this.

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