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Seeing as i don't see a sticky thread anywhere to give feedback, i will post my thoughts here.
I would have posted in one of the other threads but it would have possibly gotten lost and i believe the level of detail in this response warrants its own thread

I'm not specifically sure what Cryptics intentions are when designing the new space skill system?

Generally in space powers and PVP there are 3 roles / classes.

1. Damage - Tactical
2. Debuff / Drain / Science Powers - Science
3. Healer - Engineer

I would have thought the new skill system would be designed to allow a player to pick a role and spec it out should they choose to do so, while also allowing them to go for a hybrid mix should they choose at the cost of less points in each respective field.

So if a player wanted to go full damage spec with full points in damage powers and his starship powers they could do so, but not have points for healing or science. If they wanted to they could then lower some of their points to gain some healing or science powers should they choose to.

Another example would be a player could fully spec a science route but not have any point in damage skills, but could then lower some of his science skills in order to gain damage skills if he wished to make a hybrid.

Right now the current skill system is flawed in that you can't really spec any route except healer. It punishes a player should they wish to go the tactical route. Most of the tactical skills are TIER5, before tactical was the easiest to spec into now its the hardest. Even worse the bop / defiant player is punished also , should you wish to spec into cloak you can't without sacrificing your damage potential.

All the healing skills are at the lower tiers except aux performance, healer as a class is now the eaisest to spec into, You can fully spec healing and gain weapon damage. Science is also hard to spec into and tactical is by far the hardest. Complete bias towards heal zombie beam cruisers while tac escorts that want to spec cannons / torps and go full weapons can't spec out without gimping your ship survivability

Proposed changes.

1. Move all baseline starship skills like shield strength, hull strength, movement and base power skills and basic damage skills go to tier 1 and 2

2. Making each class have equal number of skills in each tier from T3 thought to T5, so with this change we have a healer route , tactical route and science route while still allowing room for hybrids, while keeping the main damage and healing and science skills in the high tiers so you can't be master of all trades.

Proposed skill tree is as follows.

T1 -

Starship weapon training
Starship warp core efficiency
Structural integrity
Starship hull plating

Starship shield systems
Starship batteries

T2 -

Starship energy weapons
Starship projectile weapons
Starship Maneuvers
Starship Impulse Thrusters
Starship Electo-plasma systems

Starship Targeting systems
Starship Stealth

T3 -

Starship attack patterns
Starship engine performance

Starship shield performance
Starship warp core potential
Starship armor reinforcements

Starship Sensors
Starship Grav Generators

T4 -

Starship energy weapon specialization
Starship inertial dampeners

Starship shield emitters
Starship power insulators
Starship subsystem repair

Starship particle generators
Starship flow capacitors

T5 -

Starship weapon performance
Starship projectile weapon specialization

Starship hull repair
Starship aux performance

Starship countermeasure systems
Starship subspace decompiler

Right now, Healer is a easiest to spec all the healing skills are at lower tiers , science is painful and tactical is damn near impossible.

This change would allow everyone to spec a role or partial spec hybrid and restore class skill point balance.

I have studied the skill tree and i believe this to be the most balanced approach.

Please post your comments / feedback. Thank you.

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