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# 1 LVLing progression
11-06-2011, 01:57 AM
i find when lvling a capt. its fun now but there are things that should be worked on. firest there should be something telling you what lvl you need to be to unlock a mission. and instead of being told there are no missions for yout to do you should be offered a patrol or explore mission to help you lvl up or make it flow that after each mission you are at the right lvl to start the next mission. i alos do not like the weeklys being included in the normal story lines. they should be left by them selfs and be able to be played at any lvl from llvl 6 to lvl 51. like they are on holodeck. theses missions were ment for everyone at any lvl and now that has changed. this should go back the way it was before because when the DS9 weeklys start that means as it is now they should only be open to the lvl of the Cardassians are during the story line. see how that dose not make sence. so far really this is my only rants about this game.

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