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10-11-2011, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by Spectrar
Ahh thanks for that, I was beginning to lose complete faith

If an idea like this ever crawls out of the woodwork not only will I lose complete faith, I'll be holding them in breach of contract.
If you purchased on the CStore, you should still have access to anything purchased there including extra slots and ships. Removing those after purchase would indeed be a breach of contract and I don't even think the dodgy legal documents they use could protect them from that. Besides, Cryptic seems to be insane, not stupid so I don't think even they would consider that move.
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10-12-2011, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by zohnar View Post
I dont remember it being mentioned there was gold only items and the inability to cancel gold and play old characters.
If its true I agree its bad and will anger every person who wishes to go silver.
Here's the quote on the F2P faq's page:

Q: I canceled my Star Trek Online subscription, but I'm interested in becoming a Silver Player. Will I have the same access to the game as I did previously?Top

Your characters are still available, but they may not use Gold features. To play them as a Silver Player, you will need to convert them before playing. Additionally, Gold Members and Silver Players differ in Star Trek Online. A player who previously subscribed to Star Trek Online and then returned to game as a Silver Player will not have the same exact features provided to Gold Members. The Features Matrix describes these differences in more detail.
So what it's saying is that if you move to silver you won't get to keep any of your VA ship token vessels, or any equipment that can be gained from the C Store at the time it goes live. I can imagine they'll get rid of most of your BO slots and Ship slots that you'll already have because as silver you're expected to buy them, along with the extra lines in bank and inventory as silver can buy those also, and any special BOffs have been gained in game currently but will only be available via the c store at F2P.

I can also guess that if you gained any ship via the 500 emblems they'll be thinking about gettting rid of those too, along with the advanced heavy T3 ships as that will be gained via the C Store once F2P goes live.

Of course all this is mere speculation, but really, the stuff that they're coming out with, will you really be suprised.
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10-12-2011, 08:03 AM
im sure that what you played for in c-store you keep if you go silver. but they want you to go silver becuse they make more money via c-store. so the extra slot you bought for invotary and bo and ships you keep but at silver rate. so you really dont have all. becuse remember gold gives extra over silver.
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10-12-2011, 10:44 AM
Just my 2 credits worth here, if anybody is reading:

Pros: Like the new set up myself. I've been here since a month after launch and I've seen tons of changes.

Cons: The Dilitum system isn't bad, but need to have like the exploration misions (Like Delta Vorlanus) give some. Right now, I've got a Captain level toon in a LT Commander ship. And with that being said, it's had to get up to that captian level ship without going to a Commander level ship. Then you have to grind for ore again.

Also, in the ship selection area, the picture of the ship is whited out.
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# 325 The whole Dilitum issue
11-06-2011, 12:32 PM
Okay... I'll be amazed if the folks at Cryptic are actually reading any of this anymore because they seem to be set in their ways about making this change happen regardless of what we're saying... But I'll add my voice to this choir and see if it helps.

First... What is with this whole refining Dilitum bit! You're putting in another point of failure in a system people can't stand in the first place.

Second... What is the need or desire for throttling back your players? I paid to play a game not be controlled by it!

Third... Adding Dilitum to the crafting system now screws up the Fleets crafting Masters and a good part of what Fleet management has spent a long time in getting setup and working.[

Fourth... The idea of forcing players to step through missions and dailies the way you are suggesting takes away from the free form of play the game is so rich in currently. Right now on Live, I can come in and go and do whatever mission I like... Fly around and truly enjoy the environment your DEVs have worked so hard to develop. Forcing people to grind through your dailies just seems wrong. Like many here, I'm a lifer, but I'm not dump enought to not realize this is a business that does have to make money. But make your money off the FREE LOADERS... not your loyalists who have supported you from the beginning.

Fifth... Gold, Silver and F2P... I looked at chart of differences and I have to tell you... YOU SCREWED US! You make like the Foundry sound like its the Greatest thing since sliced bread... It's not!!! In Fact you should be paying the Foundry creators for their missions. It's their works that has been keeping many of your players still interested during the droughts in lack of content and poor bug fixes. I mean really, doesn't it take 6 months to fix the known Event Calendar issue within Fleet tabs? The foundry is a bear to work with (anyone saying differently is lying! It requires far too many tricks to get it to the simpliest of tasks) and those who have mastered it have even created better content then what you have out as featured episodes!

The reality has been repeated and repeated in this thread... As Lifers, our game play shouldn't change from where it is today. The stippind should either balance things out to make this so forget it. I for one; while I'd rather not; would pay a smaller annual update fee for the changes than to go through all this garbage we're seeing here. And before anyone blasts me for saying this... think about it... 15 bucks a year for updates to a game (as long as it GETS UPDATED) we really enjoy is nothing. (After all we pay Credit Card Annuals of up to 85 bucks a year and they don't give you anything new except higher Interest Rates!!!)But nickle and diming us to death in the C-Store is redicculas! Dan Shals idea of free to play sounded interesting at first but giving away what I had to pay for is insulting without rewarding me for my loyalty and support in helping to finance getting the game off the ground in the first place.

Lastly... and this is more general than it is Dilitum based... But guys... How about fixing the problems that make the game playable BEFORE you sendi out new gadgets and doo dads to break it further. Sector Space looks great and we can deal with Sector Map Transistions, if you'd just fix what's wrong with the game first! Heck we've lasted 2 years with the maps and visuals the way they were... we can go another year without "Pretty" for a working product. And if you're going to launch a new ship... why not launch it with the proper interior maps and bridge layouts for the ship instead of ceilings made for Giants and bridges that don't go with the ship size/hull. And for those of us you really like to dive deep into the world... During Ship customization... How about allowing us to pick from ALL our purchased uniforms, what our SHIP WIDE uniforms will be for our crew - Complete with Fleet Emblem!

And my last request... How difficult would it be to create a generic cut scene for ESD Docking! ESD Docking is tractor beam controlled anyways... so it shouldn't be that difficult when you have most of the art work already done!

These are just my nickles and dimes on the issue... Please don't hang us Lifers out to dry!

As the poster above states... Many of the new changes are Beautiful, but it doesn't take away from the things that are wrong within the total concept. The minimap layout should be ported over to Live now as that is a heck of an improvement...

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