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Short summary: Mk XI Disruptor Sniper Rifle, during a ground mission, the targeting laser for the secondary exploit attack shoots off at an angle, rather than focusing in on the target..

Description: targeting beam does not pinpoint target, although the actual shot does.


Ground Weapons

How to reproduce (If known.)

Select and use the secondary exploit attack of the Mk XI (Very Rare/Purple) Disruptor Sniper Rifle (CRTH2, KB3).


Azleza Expanse, LTG, Ground mission -- destroying flora.



although the targeting beam did not focus in on the target, the actual shot did..
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11-06-2011, 05:09 PM
I'm not 100% sure, but I think this might be a bug on Holodeck as well, and maybe even an old one, at that. Most of my characters use sniper rifles, and when I recently did a bunch of B'Tran cluster missions to get enough points on a Fed to buy the Vulcan sci ship, I saw that certain firing graphics were acting the same on both Holo and Tribble.

For example, after killing a target, when you start firing on the next target, bolts from my sniper rifle keep visually hitting the dead target. Worse, sometimes they seem to be hitting both the active and dead target.

As for the sniper laser sight visual you're describing, I seem to recall this was always a problem in those sorts of cluster missions. It was as if the target point on the objects you need to kill were underground or out of line somewhere, until you actually fired your weapon and hit the target, at which point it started behaving like a "normal" target.

Or so I recall ... have not specifically tested for it recently.

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