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# 1 Unlocking the story line
11-07-2011, 10:08 AM
I don't know if this is intentional or not but ever since and including the Romulan FE story arc, and now the Cardassian story arc, they have only unlocked the next one, when I achive a new grade ie Captain 6 to Captain 7 unloacked Colleseum for me and I could not unloack The Final Stand until I was Captain 8...should this be happening because it is getting annoying having to go out and do some DSE's if one dosent want to or do any patrol missions which have also dissapeared from my mission journal...This has forced me to level up to Captain 10 ( my current grade) to be able to get to the mission War Games and I'm close to RA, which means that I should be towards the end of the Cardassian story arc but I'm not and I've only been concentrating on the story arc and the Doff system and the 3 foundary missions....
It just dosent seem right compared to the version on Holodeck because you have to wait a while to level up to unloack the next episode...

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