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When we first found out the VA token was being removed, this was the reason we were given by the new EP:

Originally Posted by sdangelo View Post
As for why we are not keeping the free ship at Vice Admiral to Gold players, this is primarily because it creates an "exploit" where a Silver player could subscribe immediately before ranking up to get the ship, then cancel. This doesn't make the accountant types very happy.
So the "problem" is that someone could just sub for one money and only pay $15 rather than paying $25 to buy the ship from the store. However, no more than 2 months sub is required to solve that "problem" since $30 > $25.

In that same post he went on to say:

I have considered options whereby you have to subscribe multiple months to qualify, but that penalizes the well meaning player who happens to get to Vice Admiral before they hit the minimum time.

Well in the past few days we have found out that the VA token is being added to the 600 day vet reward. Maybe I'm just dense, but I'm a little confused about this for 2 reasons:

1) if the "primary" reason it was removed was because of the "sub 1 month" exploit, then why make people wait more than 2 months since that solves the problem?

2) isnt putting the VA token at the 600 day reward a DIRECT contradiction of saying you dont want to penalize people who get to VA quickly by making them wait for the minimum time?

Was D'Angelo just "joking" about what he said originally? If so, I fail to see the humor. Can someone please help me understand?


D'Angelo has now replied on page 5:

Originally Posted by sdangelo View Post
The way things worked out here at Cryptic is that, after the post which was quoted at the start of this thread, we decided that we were definitely not going to re-instate the free Vice Admiral Ship Token for all players.

Of course not. However subscribers are not "all players". In fact they are going to be the minority after F2P. So giving your subscribers the VA token after 2 months sub isnt going to hurt your bank. Also, your not giving anything away "free" to subscribers because they are subscribing.

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