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# 1 Tribble keeps crashing
11-07-2011, 08:56 PM
Tribble has crashed twice on my tonight. STO (on any server) has not crashed on me since the first beta. Both times it was during ground combat:

First time: it was at the beginning of Infected - Ground after repawning the first time. After the client crashed, Cryptic prompted me about what I was doing when it crashed. I mentioned I had Firefox in another window. I don't have the ticket number. I forced verified Tribble before I logged back in.

Second time: I was fighting animals during the ground portion of "Frozen". I was switching weapons and the client crashed. I did not get the prompt the second time.

The only thing I'm doing differently then normal is that I have a second mouse plugged in because the batteries in my wireless mouse ran out of juice. Was any code added today that I'm not aware of?

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