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Not quite sure how to write this up on a ticket so I am just going to write out what I did before the crash to see if someone more tech savvy can explain it better.

First of all I use windows 7, secondly it always does the crash when I am working on my duty officer roster.

Step one;

Alt-enter to window the game. Slide and lock the game window to the left side of the screen. Open up duty roster and size it to the half screen window.

Step two;

Open up my excel template that I made for the duty officers and lock it to the right side of the screen.
a. I use a template because currently there is no way to easily identify how many of what specialty subclass are in each class group.

Step three;

I go through my lists on tabbing between screen sides while I update which subclasses I can remove, and then add in any recruitment so that my spread sheet is current.

Step four;

Save and close my spreadsheet. Resize the STO window to screen and then hit alt-enter to return to full screen.

Game crashes every time.

Now it might be worthwhile noting that when the patch with the infected elite first hit the enter key somehow got cross linked with the alt-enter. Instead of tabbing to chat it was windowing the game. But the game never crashed and all i did was to unbind alt-enter until the next patch.

Just updated my template 11-7-11 and the game crashed again.

Msi 790fz
Phenom 2x4 3.2g
Ati radeon hd 5850
8gb ram

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