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I want to start of by saying I really care what Cryptic does as a company and have been generally okay with what they have done until today.

Most of this comes from my real life experiences so let me explain.

First I played Star Wars Galaxies for years and dealing Sony's BS. I had been a big supporter of Sony and its products until they stopped listening to the consumer base and loyal consumers. Nowadays I'm more apt to buy products from there competition just because of that.

The second is my job. The company I work for was bought out by a huge company over a year ago. They had bought out companies in the past and changed the strategy of these companies. They lost alot of loyal customers over the years and have just recently started to recover. And when I say years I'm talking over a decade to recover. Now when they bought our company they lost a few loyal customers because of the buyout and the parent companies past. Our strategy since has not changed and the recovery for the lost the last year has already started and we are starting to really boom.

So in conclusion I want to say to Cryptic, don't lose focus on your loyal customers. Otherwise you and Perfect World are going to regret ever changing tactics so dramatically. Trust me I've seen it and its already happening now.

Again, I am happy with Cryptic until just recently. And I hope this does some good because I don't want to see a potentially great company go to waste because of tragic miscalculations and losing focus on its loyal customers. Thank you for your time

Edit:corrected misspellings

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