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I thought it might be a good idea to release some stats from Holodeck and Tribble for my character, a Tactical VA in a Star Cruiser. I liked my build on Holodeck, so my overall goal was to get my Tribble build as close to that as possible. Hopefully, this will start a discussion on some of the changes going on with the Skill Tree. All space stats were recorded at rest in the Sol System. Additionally, I should mention that I had a number of old Doff buffs on Tribble still counting down from assignments completed long ago. They all buffed skills in the old system, so I don't think they affect anything now. At any rate, here goes:

Tribble Space Stats:

Power Transfer Speed: 9.9/s
Bonus Defense: -15%
Hull: 49,683
Hull Repair: 167%/min
Shields (all quadrants): 6,682
Resists: 20.4% kinetic, 22.5%, 23.7% various energy types
Bonus Accuracy: 25%
Crit Chance: 3.4%
Crit Severity: 59.1%
Flight Speed: 21.63
Turn Rate: 3.2 deg/s

Power Settings:
Weapons: 104/85
Shields: 97/65
Engines: 53/25
Aux: 42/25

Holodeck Space Stats:

Power Transfer Speed: 10.3/s
Bonus Defense: -15%
Hull: 45,312
Hull Repair: 164.3%/min
Shields (all quadrants): 6,099
Bonus Accuracy: 25%
Crit Chance: 5.4%
Crit Severity: 84.2%
Flight Speed 19.09
Turn Rate: 3.2 deg/s

Power Settings:
Weapons: 109/90
Shields: 102/60
Engines: 52/25
Aux: 44/25

Comparison of Tribble to Holodeck:

Power Transfer Speed: -0.4/s
Bonus Defense: 0%
Hull: +4,371
Hull Repair: +2.7%/min
Shields: +583
Bonus Accuracy: 0%
Crit Chance: -2.0%
Crit Severity: -25.1%

Flight Speed: +2.54
Turn Rate: 0 deg/s

Power Settings:
Weapons: -5
Shields: -5
Engines: +1
Aux: -2

Tribble Build:

T1 Skills:

Starship Weapons Training: 9
Starship Batteries: 0
Starship Hull Repair: 5
Starship Flow Capacitors: 0
Starship Shield Emitters: 7

Assault Training: 7
Close Combat Training: 7
Away Team Leader Skills: 5/5/5

T2 Skills:

Starship Energy Weapons: 9
Starship Projectile Weapons: 9
Structural Integrity: 7
Starship Subsystem Repair: 3
Starship Power Insulators: 0
Starship Shield Systems: 7

Security: 7
Soldier: 7
Special Forces: 7

T3 Skills:

Starship Maneuvers: 9
Starship Targeting Systems: 9
Starship Electro-Plasma Systems: 9
Starship Impulse Thrusters: 5
Starship Warp Core Potential: 9

Firearms: 7
Grenades: 5
Martial Arts: 7

T4 Skills:

Starship Attack Patterns: 3
Starship Stealth: 0
Starship Engine Performance: 3
Starship Hull Plating: 7
Starship Shield Performance: 7
Starship Inertial Dampers: 1
Starship Sensors: 1

Stealth: 0
Tactics: 0
Threat Control: 0

T5 Skills:

Starship Energy Weapon Specialization: 0
Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization: 0
Starship Armor Reinforcements: 2
Starship Auxiliary Performance: 0
Starship Weapon Performance: 7
Starship Countermeasure Systems: 0
Starship Subspace Decompiler: 0

Advanced Warfare: 0
Close Protection: 0
Squad Command: 0


I had to give up 17 ranks in ground skills to roughly equal my space effectiveness (+6 more in the Away Team Leader skills for 23 ranks total spent on space instead of ground). I am not happy about this, but I understand that the devs plan to split the space and ground pools eventually, so hopefully that will iron itself out. Notice that my Power Transfer Speed on Tribble is lower than my speed on Holodeck despite maxing out Starship Electro-Plasma Systems. This means that Power Transfer Speed has been nerfed, albeit modestly. Hull and Shield strength were both increased, but my power levels in Shields and Weapons have both fallen by 5 points. It seems to me that anything power related has been somewhat nerfed, though I wasn't able/willing to max out all the Performance skills to see if it's even possible to get my Holodeck Power levels back.

It's also worth mentioning that during a respec on Tribble, I lowered my Starship Energy/Projectile Weapon Specialization skills from 3 to 0 and there was no change in my Crit Chance/Severity numbers. So, either the display is messed up, or these skills are broken.

As far as the feel of my build, I'm somewhat satisfied. I definitely want my 5 power points in weapons and shields back and would be willing to give up a little hull/shield strength to get them if the tradeoff were possible (I don't believe it is). My only other major complaint is how many skill points I had to give up in ground to get my ship to perform approximately the way I want it to, but I'm reserving suggestions on that until we get a separate ground pool.

At any rate, hopefully this information is helpful to somebody out there in planning their build (or better yet, to Cryptic in tweaking the skill changes). Comments, questions, suggestions and discussion are certainly welcome.

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