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I'm currently working on a Foundry mission, and I was interested in getting some feedback on the use of the title of commodore in the Star Trek universe.

In ST the rank of Commodore apparently existed during the time of ToS, but had been phased out by the time TNG came around. So, the rank effectively does not exist at this point.

However, in real life, the title of Commodore is used to refer to a naval captain who is in charge of a squadron of other vessels, in order to distinguish him from the other captains.

Here's the relevant section from Wikipedia:

However, the title (not the rank) of "Commodore" had also been in use by the U.S. Navy since at least the 1950s as a "position title" for senior naval captains who commanded Destroyer Squadrons, Submarine Squadrons, Amphibious Squadrons, Patrol Boat Flotillas, Patrol Hydrofoil Missile Ship Squadrons, Special Warfare Groups, Air Groups and Air Wings (other than those officers commanding Carrier Air Groups/Carrier Air Wings, who were historically known and referred to as "CAG"s), Construction Regiments and other large sea-going commands consisting of multiple ships, submarines, aviation squadrons, etc. In contrast, the U.S. Coast Guard had never previously used the title.

Now, in my mission, which is actually the sequel to my previous Foundry mission, which is linked in my signature, your captain is placed in charge of a task force of several other vessels. By the current U.S. naval tradition, this would entitle your captain to be referred to as Commodore.

The question is would this fly in the ST universe? Would it be acceptable to refer to have the other captains refer to the player's captain as Commodore (I'd also add a dialogue prompt that explains why it is being done)? Or would this seem to be incongruous with the lore of the ST universe?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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