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11-09-2011, 11:12 PM
The logic is contorted for sure. I hope that you can see my recognition of that. As voting best for something when your feelings say otherwise (as mine do) is contrary to the category but I'm not asking you to vote on the category, I'm asking you to vote for a specific reason.

As someone mentioned above about Lego Universe Online... there will be no point in IT winning it's category when the game is effectively shut down. Such awards are used to bolster a games image for attracting future players. The award is no prize, it provides no direct funding or real material value - but it is something this game will need if it is to raise its image and a chance at surviving (while content and fixes of flaws are needed to KEEP those new players around to guarantee survival).

I could have easily have listed all the positive things STO has done to try and convince you - but since that is subjective and irrelevant to the point I'm making in asking you to vote on, I didn't.

If you decide not to vote, then you can hardly complain that the game will continue to suffer in image on such sites (mostly weighted by the game's less than stellar launch), and you should hardly consider yourself a proponent for keeping STO online as a game, when your really just an opponent of Cryptic's bad management of that game. The distinction lies in how there are good things about STO which are not connected to Bad things about Cryptic - yet instead of supporting the good things and helping STO raise it's image about them, you just write those positives off based on the actions of it's company (but still play it with a hope of it staying online for you to play).

Its contorted logic for sure, but its a sacrifice people can decide to make on their feelings to help raise the image. If you've sacrificed too much already, then don't vote, or be surprised if STO's image doesn't change because of it.

You may want to also make a reminder for yourself to post on multiple forums and gaming sites about all the things you feel are positive about the game - but we all know things don't swing in that way in general, which is why opportunities to raise the image should be acted upon.

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