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I find the current choice to set the stipend to be based on our anniversary of subscribing to the game to be incredibly unfair. It just so happens that I subbed on January 28th, 2010. The game wasn't even officially released until February 2, 2010. But because I subscribed four days earlier, now I have to wait almost a month longer to receive my stipend than people who subscribed after release, or for that matter a year after release, or just last week! By the time I get my stipend, other people who subbed later will be on the verge of getting their second stipend.

So, basically those of us who subbed late in the month, which will be the case for anyone who subbed prior to the official release, are penalized almost a full month on the stipend. I'm not pleased about the timing decision at all... I'm sure this is unintentional, but it sure doesn't send a good message to those of us who've been here even before the official release date.

The Problem
In a nutshell what's happening now is that people are being arbitrarily considered to have subscribed 30 days before they received their first stipend. Someone who gets theirs on December 1st, is being treated as if they subbed on November 1st. Meanwhile, someone who receives their stipend on December 31st is being treated as if they subbed on November 31st. However, in reality both are currently subscribed, and neither one deserves to be treated more favorably.

Currently, the people who have a anniversary later in the month are being forced to "give up" up to 30 days of stipend compared to someone whose anniversary is early in the month.

The Solution: Prorate the first stipend
The simple solution is to treat everyone as if they had subbed on November 1st. To do this the [b]first[/B ]stipend (and only the first) would be prorated based on the day of the month it was received.

If you receive your first stipend on December 1st, you'd have been "subscribed" for 30 days, and thus receive 400 points. If you receive your first stipend on December 15th, then you'd have been "subscribed" for 45 days, but since you hadn't yet received a stipend, your first stipend would be 600 points (400 for the first 30 days, and 200 for the next 15). And so on.

After the first month, everything would be equal and we'd receive our 400 points on the normal schedule.

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