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Just started playing on Tribble last night and noticed that the transitions between zones (beaming, warping, etc) were alot smoother and faster than on the non-test server (holodeck?) . Also when talking to an NPC the little box featuring their face popped up immediately. There was no lag where the elements of the NPCs face slowly load in. It was just bang there's the NPC.

Is this because improved coding, improved hardware, or some combination on Tribble? Or is this simply because there are far fewer people on Tribble than the non-test server and as a result no lag?

Reason I ask is because the fast transitions and near instant loading times made a huge difference to my play experience. The lagging that happens on the non-test server with transitions and various elements loading makes the game seem buggy. It disrupts the story telling that Cryptic is trying to do.

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