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By now, I'm probably hated by the DEV team, as I keep on asking the same questions....

1. What is the status of the Andorian ship?

2. What is the status of an Ambassador Class ship? Has the plan to release it actually been scrapped?

3. Why are new C-Store ships being built, while actual "Trek Canon" ships continue to be ignored?

4. Have plans been scrapped on an expanded Sol System?

5. Are plans still underway to build Utopia Planitia Shipyards?

As a paying customer, I feel I have the right to ask these valid questions and have them answered. I am not asking for specific dates, just a general update on things that have been ignored for a long time. I do not feel that this is in any way asking too much from the Dev staff. Why have they chosen to remain silent? Certainly, there must be other STO'ers out there who feel like they deserve an update on where things are headed.

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