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This has happened on 3 characters now , it should be easily reproducable.

For romulan episode "Colliseum" Slamek will bug out nearly every time on the canyon phase and stop following after the first fight

You then need to run through the canyon and fight the next sets of mobs solo...and then run all the way back to him to complete the "Talk to" part.VERY annoying..

Ive notice the AI is having pathing/attack issues a lot lately.

Klingon side Gre-thor missions also bug out including bage of the dead and everything right through to the end of that arc

The boss fights become trivial because the mobs just stand there and be hit and dont fight back after their first few attack cycles.

What used to be challenging is now just a bore... Dividian bosses seem to be doing the same, they mostly just stand there and be hit.

The Ground AI in general seems to be having issues. But it becomes mroe obvious in the boss fights where you have 1 mob with a bajillion hitpoints that just stands there to be hit.

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