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Let me ask you? Do you think instead of an Event the Borg Ground Event would've worked better as a Raid / old school MMO Dungeon zone?

To me, it has that potential. Instead of cramming 4 seperate events in one large one, I think the Devs could have possible replayable content by splitting them up. Change it up where you fight your way into a dungeon and eventually fight yourself to the boss than having to go from Easy -> Moderate -> Hard.
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11-10-2011, 08:00 PM
I like it as one big zone. Seems more realistic than a linear crawl from encounter A to encounter Z. I think the STF's have the linear challenges, and it's good that this is more of a big zone where players doing different objectives can run into each other and help one another out.

The objectives should be balanced so they're not too grindy, but I like the format of having basic tasks done in the same zone as the more advanced tasks. You can just go about your own business on the easy tasks, and use that time to get together a team for the more advanced ones.

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