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11-11-2011, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by Centurion59
So once again the few, PvPers, are catered to because they whine the loudest. Torpedo Spread was fine for the vast majority of us playing the game since it was improved but no, PvPers had to whine because it was too powerful for them so the ability was nerfed for all of us and now it is pretty anemic once again during PVE. How sad that the wants of the few outweigh the wants of the many
Anyone that commonly was a target of torpedo spreads was suffering from it. This also happened to be PvE players that faced NPCs using the ability or an ability working along similar lines.

There were three changes to the power that should be relevant:
1) It no longer targets 10 or more targets every time you use it. This was never intended by the devs and the first release notes already said so when the change was done in the first place.
2) The torpedo spread damage was reduced from 85 % HYT damage to 75 % HYT damage. This is a marginal change.
3) The torpedo damage does now come in multiple, individual hits for each target. This fixes excessive critical hits. These are almost irrelevant if you use the power against NPCs, but it's quite important if it targets players as it can break through defenses in a way no other power could, especially not any of the powers that were actually designed to break to defenses like that. (Beam Overload and High Yield Torpedo - Single Target Damage Buffs instead of AoEs).
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11-11-2011, 10:47 AM
Overpowered in PVE isn't automatically OK because it's not peeing in somebody's cheerios. On a single target, with only one crit roll, spread could do damage that high yield had to make three crits out of four hits to match. It was overpowered everywhere - against players, against NPCs, and from NPCs. Just because one of those three wasn't "hurting anybody," doesn't mean it was ok, and definitely doesn't mean we should just live with the other two.

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